How to use

How to use

① Fill in the required information.  

Credit cards need to be linked to Stripe. 

Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email from the store at the
email address you registered.
In that email, you will see "Active your account".

③ You can create an account directly from there.
Or go to My Page in the upper right corner of the site and create
an account using your registered email address.

④ Then log in to My Page and check if the plan you have applied for is
active under "Manage Memberships" in My Page.

⑤ You can then go to the top center of My Page and click on "Shifting
and Floating" to see the posts of your active plans.

⑥ From now on, please log in to My Page using your registered e-mail
address (and password), and then view your postings.


If you wish to terminate your plan, you can do so at any time by clicking
Cancel under "Actions" in the "Manage Members" section of My Page.


     Browseable Plans:

     ”Shifting and Floating Comparison”
      Comparison, Essence, Entrance

     “Shifting and Floating Essence”
      Essence, Entrance

    “Shifting and Floating Entrance“(free plan)


     All submissions will be in PDF format.

    "Comparison" includes all "Essence".

     Only “Shifting and Floating Part 1” is available for all plans.


    There is a contact form, but please be patient for delayed replies
    due  to time differences. I am a resident of Japan.



    No copyrights have been waived.

    Use only for personal study, practice and performance.

    Author: Kosuge Kohsuke